Please note that our products are sold almost exclusively by pre-order via our e-mail list (contact ). Orders are paid in full at the time of pick up - cash or cheques accepted, though for first-time customers we prefer cash. For large orders, especially when dealing with first-time customers, we may require a deposit. Please see the purchasing options page for more details. All our meat is sold fresh frozen - i.e. frozen immediately after butchering.

Magda Farm Quarters/Sides (pastured with limited grain for a bit more marbling) - $5.40/lb hanging weight 
100% Grassfed Quarters/Sides - $6.00/lb hanging weight (the higher price reflects the extra time required for "finishing" cattle on 100% grass)
Magda Farm 30 lb Family Package (pastured with limited grain for a bit more marbling) - $310 cut and wrapped (click here for more info. on the beef family package contents)
100% Grassfed 30 lb Family Package - $355 cut and wrapped (cuts as per link above) 
Ground Beef - $7.00/lb (finished on grass/hay, with small amount of grain); $8.05/lb (100% grassfed)
Stewing Beef - $8.20/lb (finished on grass/hay, with small amount of grain), $9.45/lb (100% grassfed)
Marrow bones - $2.80/lb in 3-4 lb bags
Beef Liver - $2.60/lb
Dog Food - we often have ground beef dog food ($2.60/lb) and assorted beef bones for pets ($1/lb) in stock; contact us for more information

Notes: When purchasing quarters/sides you choose all your own cuts using a cutting sheet we provide (click here to view beef cutting sheet). The prices listed above include all butchering costs. A beef quarter is typically in the range of 125 to 150 lbs hanging weight and the yield from hanging weight to cut and wrapped weight is around 65%, but varies a bit depending on the cuts chosen. The quarters are actually a split side, with cuts from both the front and hind parts of the animal. Click here for more info. on the 100% grassfed vs. Magda Farm beef prices.

Most of our own Magda Farm beef comes available in the late fall. The 100% grassfed beef, purchased from a neighbour, is available at various times throughout the year. 

We often have additional ground beef, hamburger patties, stewing beef and bones available for sale - both from our own herd and a neighbour.
Whole Hog/Side - $3.60/lb hanging weight base price (includes cutting and wrapping), plus the following additional costs per side for those who choosing the smoking, sausage and/or lard options:    
  • Smoking - bacon $11, ham $14, hocks $4, chops $14
  • Sausage making $12
  • Lard rendering $5
25 lb Family Package (cut & wrapped) - $170 (click here for more info. on the pork family package contents) 
Pig's Feet, Ears, Kidneys, Liver, Pork Bones - $1.00/lb, can be used for soup making, pet food, etc.
Rendered Lard - $3/lb

Notes: When purchasing pork sides you choose all your own cuts using a cut sheet we provide. We try to head for about 100 lb per side hanging weight but there can be A LOT of variation, so it's good to specify on your cutting sheet your preference for a smaller or larger hog - we'll then do our best to match the carcasses to your request. A 100 lb hanging weight side usually comes to about 65 to 70 lbs of meat cut and wrapped, depending a bit on the cutting options chosen. 

We typically butcher hogs three times a year, in August, October and December. The curing process for our bacon and ham does include the use of nitrates/nitrites. We have talked to several butchers about other options and keep coming back to where we are. For more information on why, click here.
Whole Roasters - $4.20/lb (we try for an average of about 6.5 to 7 lb, but there is quite a lot of variation) 
Quarter Chickens - $4.75/lb (bone in, skin on, choose from leg or breast pieces; literally a chicken cut in quarters, so breast pieces include ribs and wing and leg pieces include thigh and a wee bit of breast - great for oven roasting!) 
• Chicken organs (liver, heart, gizzard) - $2.60/lb
Soup/Stewing Chickens - $2.50/lb 

We have our pastured meat birds butchered in mid-summer. We do not raise meat birds in the winter. The chicken is frozen and vacuum packed in plastic bags. We sell the chicken by pre-order via our e-mail list - note that it sells out very quickly, so best to get back to us as soon as possible when we send out messages for placement of pre-orders.
$5.00/dozen (Note: These are VERY popular and, as such, are almost always in short supply.)

All prices are subject to change - mainly in conjunction with increases in production costs.

We raise lovely Embden geese based on pre-order for the Christmas season. This venture is dependent on interest as we do not go ahead unless we have orders for the equivalent of at least 50 birds - so it depends on how many orders we get beforehand. The birds are sold in early December, whole or in quarters, vacuum packed and fresh frozen right after slaughter.

Our 2015 pricing was $5.80/lb for whole birds and $6.40/lb for quarters. We expect our 2016 pricing to be slightly higher based on increases in inputs, but within the same range.